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Information for Parents

The Profession of Child Minder
Our child minders have successfully completed the training to become child minders as according to the Styrian Child Care Law (325 training units and a 2-month traineeship). The high quality of child care is secured through targeted further training and regular supervisions. The child care permit and the expert consultation of the Styrian Federal State on their part ensure a control of the work of the child minders.
At the centre of attention of the child minders lies the well-being of the child, the individuality within the family-like situation and the development of everyday life competencies. Social learning and integration of children with special needs or children from different cultures are essential elements of the work of the child minders. Our MIKADO offer is specifically available for children with special care requirements.

Familiarization Phase
The begin of the day care is easier for all parties involved if your child can gradually get used to the new situation and when parents and child carers openly discuss any concerns or questions.
For the familiarization of your child, we recommend that the first visit to the child minder is carried out by the mother or father together with the child, which can last several hours.
The second step would be a one to two hour long visit of the child alone with the child minder. In total, we offer you 5 hours for the free familiarization phase, and after this the day care contract should be concluded.

Conclusion of the Family Day Care Contract
The family day care contract is concluded with the child minding company Tagesmütter Graz-Steiermark GmbH with the involvement of the child minders in the respectively responsible regional office. We kindly ask you to carefully read through the contract form, our staff at the regional office will be happy to answer your questions.
Changes to the extent as well as the times of day care must be declared after consultation with the child minder and the regional office 14 days in advance in writing.

Vacations and Sick Leave of the Child Minder
The vacation planning of the parents and the child minder must be carried out and coordinated in mutual agreement. If your child is not brought to the child minder due to a vacation deviating from this arrangement then you are obliged to continue to pay the full parent contribution.
In case of sickness of the child minder, at your request the child minding company Tagesmütter Graz-Steiermark GmbH will try to organise a replacement child carer.

Service for Parents
The staff at your regional office will provide consultation in case of questions and problems and offer you support for funding applications.
By concluding the contract you will become a member of the child care association Tagesmütter Graz-Steiermark. You will receive our journal at regular intervals as well as our current range of further training on offer. You can thus cost effectively use our range of further training events on offer.
Our staff at the regional offices is networked with other nearby institutions and organisations; information is available at the respective offices.
Furthermore, events for adults and children regularly take place at the regional offices.

Care for School Children
The child minder creates a positive working climate for your day care children, so that the children can do their school homework. The child minder supervises the children and offers assistance if required. The check up of the homework and subject matter, as well as the deepening learning remains the task of the parents. The learning success of the child is not the responsibility of the child minder.

Which parental tasks do I have within the scope of the family day care?
For a good cooperation we request that you mention any wishes and questions and also understand that the job of child minder is one that on the one hand enables the needs of your child to be addressed, but which also requires an overall look at the children to be cared for and the observation of formal rules.
Our child minders are employed staff members, who abide by a certain working time frame and a legally determined maximum number of children in their care. It is thus required that you stick to the contractually agreed on day care times and that you bring and collect your child punctually.
Should it in exceptional cases not be possible to stick to agreed times, then we ask that you inform the child minder reliably in good time or that you ask another person, of whom we were previously informed about in writing in the Family Day Care Contract, to bring or collect the child.
If it is foreseeable that your child will not be brought to the child minder, then the child minder should be informed about this at once. Days not consumed are considered lapsed days.
Furthermore, we ask you to give the child spare clothing as well as any required nappies to take with them. If your child still needs nappies, then we ask you to take care of the disposal of these, otherwise the child minder would amass too much rubbish. 

Sickness of the Child
We kindly ask you to ensure that you bring your child to the child minder free of any contagious or other illnesses. Since a sick child requires full attentive care, the day care time of the child minder would be disturbed and the care of the other children made more difficult.

Emergencies and Medicines
Please provide the child minder with emergency data and a copy of the vaccination card of your child. If your child requires medicines or homeopathic remedies, then the child minder may only give these to the child in case there is a corresponding confirmation from the doctor and the parents.

Termination of the Day Care Relationship
The termination of this contract is possible on the part of the child minding company Tagesmütter Graz Steiermark GmbH and the parents on the last day of each calendar month under observance of a one month long period of notice.
A termination is only possible when it is sent in writing to the address of the respective regional office.

Status: January 2015

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