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Family Day Care Costs

The scope of care can be agreed on in the following “categories”.

Weekly Hours        Contribution/Month 
15 hours €  138,50
 20 hours €  186,
 25 hours €  232,–
 30 hours €  276,–
 35 hours €  318,–
 40 hours €  347,–
 45 hours €  403,–

Lump Sum for Expenses

Depending on the age of child and the length of stay, the meal package
costs € 17,09 –  € 58,86 per month.

The care costs and the lump sum for expenses are exclusively reckoned up through the child minding company Tagesmütter Graz-Steiermark GmbH and are to be paid 12 times per year. (Amount for 11 months is applicable for 12 months).
The lump sum for expenses includes: Meals and drinks, wear and tear of the apartment of the child minder, additional energy consumption, expendable items such as tissues, toilet paper, etc.

Sibling Discount
A 10% sibling discount applies to the second contract concluded by a family or to the younger child (in case the contracts are concluded as the same time). The discount also applies to every additional child of a family.

Membership Contribution
€ 3,63 per month. For the duration of the day care contract of your child (children) you will automatically become members of the Association Tagesmütter Graz-Steiermark.

Possible additional costs
Any special costs for activities with the day care child (e.g. visit to the zoo, visit to the swimming baths, handicraft activities) are paid by the legal guardians directly to the child minder. This provision also applies to other costs in excess of the lump sum for expenses (e.g. nappies, cream, wet wipes, dietary food, baby food and likewise).

Status: Dezember 2016

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